Introducing Life of Style


What do women want?


Freud may have been stumped by the question, but Vince Camuto knows.


The legendary fashion footwear entrepreneur discovered what makes women tick—and what persuades them to buy—while working the sales floor in 1959 at I. Miller, a luxe, now defunct New York City shoe store.


And the savvy chief executive has been turning his insight into billion dollar businesses ever since. Hint: it’s about listening to and empowering women.


What defines a life well lived?

Life of Style tells Vince Camuto’s inspiring story. Beautifully produced and richly illustrated with hundreds of photographs, the book invites you into Camuto’s world, taking you on a journey from the entrepreneur’s immigrant beginnings on NYC’s Lower East Side to his rise to the top of a global fashion empire.


In between you’ll get an insider’s view of the mid-century women’s shoe industry—and discover how Camuto revolutionized it. You’ll walk through Camuto’s palatial homes and find out how his properties channel the CEO’s invincible drive, creativity and passion for fine craftsmanship.


Last and first, you’ll meet the family that upholds, motivates and inspires Camuto: his wife, his five children and his gone-but-never-forgotten mother, “who always told me I could do anything if I put my mind to it,” Camuto writes in the book’s dedication. “I wake up and hear your praises every day. You are with me always.”


From Life of Style…

Like iconic fashion designers Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, Vince Camuto was a member of his family's first generation to be born in America. A New Yorker through and through, he was born in Queens and raised in the East Village in Manhattan.


The designer was the second child born to Louise Zena and Louis Camuto in the late 1930s; his sister Frances was four years older. Louise was born in New York to Italian parents while Louis was born and raised in Italy. The two families knew each other from Italy and a relationship blossomed when Louis began to write letters to Louise. To show his commitment to his future wife, Louis wrote these letters of courtship in English, and won her heart.


These letters became more precious to the family when Louis passed away when Vince was two years old. Rather than stay with family in a small apartment in Queens, Louise moved herself and her children to 206 East Tenth Street in Manhattan.


Devoted to her children, single mother Louise worked long hours to provide for her family. And when Vince was twelve, he took some of the responsibility for being the man of the family, getting his first job. Vince was a hard worker and by the time he turned fourteen, he had saved up enough money to buy his family their first refrigerator.



About the Book Published by Assouline 300 pages, 270 photographs 2.5” x 12.2” x 15.8” Twelve pounds, approximately

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