5 Super-Chic Moms—Styled by Kids!

These brave moms let their children dress them for a date. Check it out!

AVE Styles’ Alex Evjen

Put together by Chandler

Elle has been watching me style models, homes and myself since she was born. Starting at the age of three she has been telling she wants to be a makeup artist and stylist (and a police officer). I surprised Elle with a chance to style me head to toe. I, of course, gave her a bit of guidance, and she sure stretched my comfort zone.
— Alex Evjen

Dress Cori Lynn’s Cori Robinson

Styled by her four kids!

I’m usually the one helping my kids pick out clothes, so it was fun having the girls help me this time. And even the boys stopped talking Percy Jackson long enough to tell me I looked pretty and they liked my new dress, so Hannah and I decided it was a success.
— Cori Robinson

Could I Have That’s Samantha Wennerstrom

Outfitted by Elin Mae

I have this little miniature assistant that loves to (as of lately) rifle through my shoes, pick two missed matched heels and trudge around the house saying ‘look mama!’ It’s pretty darn cute and I can’t help myself from laughing and encouraging her newfound love of dress-up.
— Samantha Wennerstrom

House of Harper’s Caroline Harper Knapp

Looking good, thanks to Knox and Andrew

They may not appreciate me sharing this one day, but the boys love helping me get ready in the morning or for date night with Dad. Andrew loves playing with my make-up brushes and Knox loves brushing my hair. Little Andrew will even sit still and let Knox brush his hair, too. It might be the cutest thing you have ever seen. This ruins my secret of what I actually look like without make-up (which is a lot of the time when I am at home with the boys), but when I get ‘ready’ Knox always asks me ‘Why do you look pretty, Mommy?” I think this is his way of asking me where I am going because it usually means I have plans, but it always makes me laugh.
— Caroline Harper Knapp

Sandy a la Mode’s Sandy Chang

Dressed by Austin

This black romper is super fun and perfect for summer. I’ve been seriously obsessed with off the shoulder tops and the fact that it is on a sleek black romper, is even better. It is made from a soft material that is perfect for chasing around toddlers in.
— Sandy Chang

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