Best Bridesmaid Present Ever: Imagine Vince Camuto Shoes

#SquadGoals achieved.


Your bridesmaids have supported you throughout the entire wedding-day countdown. They kept you together when you came unglued picking the hors d’oeuvres. They tagged along for dress shopping and artfully turned down your soon-to-be-mother-in-law’s suggestion that you wear her cupcake dress that was “very popular in the 80s.” In short: These girls totally have your back.


Now the time has come to pick a thank-you gift for your heavenly helpers and you’re stumped. Nothing feels quite right. PJs? A mug? Monogrammed jewelry? Pass.


Why not follow in MelRod Style blogger and nearly-wed Melanie Rodriguez’s footsteps and treat your bridesmaids to a pair of wedding-day shoes? This beautiful bride-to-be surprised her girls with a unique present: a pair of richly embellished Imagine Vince Camuto heels.


The range of dazzling designs allows each girl to express her personal style—while still looking the part in group photos. Your bridesmaids will adore this genius gift that they can wear confidently on your Big Day and to so many memorable occasions thereafter.


Phew, decision over. Ditch your plans for matching silk robes and “Team Bride” tees and scoop up a pair of gorgeous formal heels, wedges, or flats for your squad! 

Photography by Hailley Howard.