Meet Style Blogger Elizabeth Victoria Clark

Getting married soon? You’re going to want to follow Elizabeth Victoria Clark on Instagram immediately. Go, now. We’ll wait.


This summer, Clark got engaged to her longtime (and equally stylish) boyfriend, Jonathan Lau, and already has a serious jumpstart on the wedding planning. Clark is a veritable expert in the wedding arena, working as the fashion and style editor at WedLuxe Magazine in Toronto. Needless to say, from veils to trains, bridal style is in Clark’s wheelhouse.


What makes her particularly interesting to follow is how fluidly Clark’s everyday style crosses into her wedding style—both personally and inside the pages of WedLuxe. She treads the line between sweet and sexy, cozy and coquettish. Retro mini-dresses, flirty trapeze blouses and chunky knits with leather leggings are in regular rotation. This same style remix is reflected in Clark’s wedding editorials; her selection of swishing gowns with come-hither low backs or delicate dresses with alluring illusion necklines—a provocative choice for fashion-forward brides like Clark.


We caught up with Clark and, to give her a break from wedding talk, discussed her namesake blog, real-life style inspiration and life in Toronto.


When did you start your blog?

I started in 2009, which is like the blogging dark ages! I was attending university in a town outside the city studying English Lit, and none of my friends there had any interest in fashion or beauty products. At the time, blogging was very different than it is today, but I loved that the community was a place for people to share their interests in personal style and fashion, and it was a great escape from my daily life.


How would you describe your personal style?

I think I dress quite classically, favoring feminine pieces and high quality basics.


Do you have a real-life style icon?

My godmother is an extremely well-put together woman who taught me so much about style and dressing in colors that suit you. When I was growing up, she had a wonderful walk-in closet and as I child I could spend hours sitting in there, asking her to tell me about each item, where she bought it, and what she wore it with.


Style advice to your 18-year-old self?

The one piece of advice I would give myself is to not be such a slave to trends. I was always very conscious of what was in style, and would try to adopt whatever trend was big at the time into my own wardrobe, whether it worked for me or not. 


What shoe or piece of clothing in your closet will you never throw away?

I have quite a collection of shoes from my favorite runway collections. I own a beloved pair of printed silk heels from Miu Miu's Spring/Summer 2010 collection that sit on my shelf as treasured pieces of art. I’ll never part with them, even if they don't fit my current style.


Coco Chanel is synonymous with quilted handbags and tweed jackets—what item best personifies you?

When I look at my wardrobe, I see a sea of 60s-inspired navy mini-dresses from my favorite French brands like Maje, Sandro and Carven. I don't know if they personify me, but I do find myself reaching for one when I'm in a pinch. 


What does the first hour of your day look like?

I wake up at about 7am every day. I check my emails before jumping in the shower. The one thing I really treasure in my morning routine is sitting at my vanity and setting my hair in rollers, and then really taking my time with my skincare routine before putting on makeup. It's important for me to take a bit of time for myself in the morning before the craziness of my workday at the WedLuxe office. I also always make myself an almond milk latte to drink on the subway. I buy these adorably designed disposable to-go cups that look like they're from a café, and that's the last thing I take with me before I run out the door. 


Last song you sang in the shower?

"Work" by Rihanna featuring Drake—it is such an earworm! 


Last time you laughed until you cried?

My guilty pleasure is watching The Bachelor on Monday nights, and my fiancé is sweet enough to watch it with me. His running commentary throughout the show usually has me in stitches. 


Favorite cocktail?

Kir Royale.


Favorite hostess gift?

I know that scent is a very personal thing, but I believe that a beautifully designed scented candle (like one from Diptyque) is always a welcome gift.


What do you consider Toronto’s best coffee shop?

Boxcar Social is an amazing coffee bar in my area. I'll usually order a cortado to go, though it's such a beautifully designed space, it's a great place to meet friends as well. And it doesn't hurt that all the guys that work there are super cute!


Best bar?

Café Boulud at the Four Seasons recently reopened with a new design, and I absolutely adore the Parisian-inspired bar. I also love Bar Raval, which I think is a great spot for a date, as you can order various Spanish tapas to share together. Their cocktail menu changes regularly but is always delicious. 


Best vintage shop?

I really love I Miss You Vintage on Ossington Avenue. I once splurged and bought a vintage Chanel shift dress in impeccable condition. I also love The Cat's Meow on Avenue Road, where all the racks are organized by color. Also, Carole Tanenbaum has the world's best vintage costume jewelry collection and I borrow from her often for photo shoots for WedLuxe. I can never resist trying on her extensive clip-on earring collection.


Favorite city block?

I love the little stretch of Yonge Street in my neighborhood, Summerhill. There is a row of shops that the locals call "Five Thieves" (due to them being outrageously overpriced), but it's impossible to resist buying there because they all sell the most delicious and beautifully designed goods!