How to Layer Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, the line between too much and just right is a thin one indeed.


To navigate the finer points of styling the perfect #ArmParty, follow our easy tips and you’ll be piling it on like a pro in no time.


Go all-in on one metal.
The easiest way to guarantee your wristloads of bracelets look artfully stacked—not like you just threw on everything you own—is to stick to the same color family. Opt for an all-gold or all-silver theme and play around with bracelet widths and weights. Here, we paired a metal-fringed chain bracelet with a thin bangle, balanced with a substantial cuff on the opposite wrist. 



Change up your materials.
Ready to up the ante? Try adding unexpected materials into the mix: beaded bangles, woven friendship bracelets, leather wraparound wristlets. We paired a Vince Camuto silicone watch with our pavé-detail cuff and accented with a rubber-dipped cuff. To streamline, we suggest limiting your color palette (like we did, using classic gold, black and white). 



Know when it’s enough.
When you have a big, bold statement piece (like this incredible Sliced Stone Cuff), it’s natural to assume adding more would overwhelm your look (and your poor arm). That would be true if you tried to accessorize with another standout arm piece; too much of the same thing confuses the eye. Slip on a dainty ring instead—a fine, feminine style will complement, not compete with, the main event.