5 Cozy and Cute Winter Street Style Looks

Remember when you used to sigh dreamily, “I can’t wait for cold weather. I love winter fashion.” 


Fast forward to January. What were we thinking—were we actually eager for frigid temps so we could, what, finally pull out our bulky, sneeze-inducing sweaters and sticky faux-leather leggings? “Dressing nice” has plummeted to the bottom of your priorities. You’d rather brave the chilly commute bundled up in a down comforter than a classic wool coat and riding boots.


To get us thinking happy thoughts about cold-weather style again, here’s a roundup of five wintry looks from our favorite bloggers to keep you out of that dreary midseason style rut.


Lauren Gould, The Marcy Stop
Those Cat Woman-worthy patent leather pants are something else! Gould’s look is an awe-inspiring mix of fabrics and textures. The real kicker, however, is her retro mirrored sunglasses, reminding us that edgy shades are crucial to a dramatic look—even when it’s chilly out.

Lauren Gould wears the Vince Camuto Raylan Bootie.



Nichole Ciotti, Vanilla Extract
It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re piling on layer after layer to brave the cold. Try taking a note from Ciotti’s stylebook: She streamlines layers with polished basics in hardworking fabrics like tweed and denim that look chic and keep you toasty. 

Nichole Ciotti wears the Vince Camuto Bustell Bootie and carries the Leila Tote.



Crystalin Marie, Crystalin Marie
Winter wardrobes are largely made up of separates in neutral hues: black, navy, grey and tan. It’s a practical approach to stocking your closet, sure. But neutrals can feel so meh against an equally pallid winter backdrop. To shake up your staples, defy dated fashion faux pas and mix black with navy or, like Crystalin, brown and black.

Crystalin Marie wears the Vince Camuto Hadley Bootie.



Sara Azani, Style MBA
An all-white look is all right in our winter-style book! A monochromatic ensemble is also a smart way to extend the life of your summery white denim. Take cues from Azani and layer a chunky knit on top so it’s obvious you got the memo about the drop in temperature.

Sara Azani wears the Vince Camuto Kain Pump.



Cathy Anderson, Poor Little It Girl
When you just can’t even with tights anymore, but the weather is too frigid to go bare-legged, here’s a way to “skirt” the issue: the midi. This modest skirt length will look winter-appropriate even if you decide to ditch the hosiery. Do as Anderson does and skip the layered chiffon and flouncy midi styles that were all the rage this summer. Instead opt for heavier and weightier fabrics like wool, leather or neoprene.

Cathy Anderson wears the Vince Camuto Scuba Pleated Midi Skirt.