Your #CityGuide: 6 Style Bloggers. 6 Cities.


Come along for insider city tours with six style bloggers. Get the local lowdown on neighborhood bars, cafés, boutiques and more.



Name: Geri Hirsch

Current Residence: Hollywood Hills. Born in Los Angeles.

Photo Shoot Location: Gjelina, Venice


Best local bar, café or eatery: Gjelina is the quintessential Venice eatery. Dressed in reclaimed wood, concrete walls and a brick floor, it's laid back and cool just like the guests inside. There's nothing that isn't a 10 out of 10 on the menu but my personal favorite is their wood burning pizza. They serve them with a trio of accoutrements: red pepper flakes, dried oregano and parmesan— and each one is as good as the last.


Favorite city block: I love Abbot Kinney on the westside and the La Brea district on the east side.


Your “insider find” specialty boutique: One of my favorite secret gems is The Mart Collective in Venice, California. It's a 16,000-square-foot shop which features 85 unique dealers of antiques, vintage, art and objects of good-design. As you stroll down the aisles you’ll find everything from antique and mid-century modern furniture to statement costume jewelry and iconic designer goods to decorating basics. Fair warning: you're going to want everything in there.


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Name: Christine Andrew

Current Residence: Salt Lake City—moved here about 5 years

Photo Shoot Location: North Salt Lake


Best local bar, café or eatery: Bodega is a new favorite. It's a tavern on the top with a hidden restaurant called The Rest below. You go through a hidden door with a special key to a restaurant below. The dining area has a library in the back and the menus come in file folders. It's like an underground treasure! They switch the menu out every couple months with completely new items. My current favorite is the cheese plate and squash gnocchi.


Another favorite is Hatch Family Chocolates. It's our go-to spot for hot chocolate.


Favorite city block: I love the Sugarhouse area. There are so many cute little restaurants and shops. We love to walk around and feed the ducks by our favorite donut spot, Beyond Glaze.


Your “insider find” specialty boutique: I love to go in old bookstores and find random books for the kids. Anytime we travel, we always bring the kids home a new books. Even when I'm driving through different parts of the city, if I see a random book store I like to pull over and find the kids a used book. A lot of times you can get them for under a $1.


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Name: Isaac Hindin-Miller

Current Residence: East Village, New York. I moved here four years ago from New Zealand.

Photo Shoot Location: East 10th Street, between Avenues A and B; the northern border of Tompkins Square Park.


Best local bar, café or eatery: There are so many to choose from on every side of Tompkins Square Park. I start my day with black iced coffee from Ninth Street Espresso; if I'm in need of healthy food, Westville East has all the vegetables in the world on one menu. Black Market does the best cheeseburger in New York City. Miss Lily's has that famous jerk chicken.


Favorite city block: The first apartment I lived at when I moved here in 2011 was on Bond Street between Lafayette and Bowery. It's still one of my favorite spots to shoot for the blog because of the wide, cobblestone street plus that crazy architecturally designed building with the swirling façade. And in terms of food, you can't go wrong with The Smile and Mile End.


Your “insider find” specialty store: I'm obsessed with Clayworks Pottery on East 9th Street—my parents collect handmade teapots and tea cups and I inherited the bug from them. Clayworks has a ton of beautiful pieces made with love by local artists. They refuse to sell online or even showcase the collection on a website, because according to the owner, "For me, the essential nature of pottery is tactile. The ability to feel the heft and curve of a bowl, the balance of a handle, the thick richness of a fat glaze or the pleasing texture of a matte finish is not only pleasurable, but critical to selecting the right piece." In today's crazy fast world, I love that there's a place like this in my neighborhood that's survived over 40 years by playing by their own rules.

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Name: Adam Gallagher

Current Residence: New York City. I moved here a few years back when I was 21. It's not my first home, but it will be home from here on for many years.

Photo Shoot Location: The Lower East Side, Manhattan.


Best local bar, café or eatery: One of my favorite places nearby is The Butcher's Daughter in SoHo. It is vegetarian and ideal for brunch. They serve eggs on avocado toast and also the best kale salad I've ever had. Get there no later than 11 AM on the weekend, otherwise it'll be packed. The decor is unique and refreshing, with bits and bobs hanging from the ceiling and pops of yellow. The people are great, young and hip. Mostly artistic fields I'd guess.


Favorite city block: I'll go ahead and have a bias answer on this one. Prince St downtown is really special (I useD to live on it). From the small restaurants, to the shops and street vendors, it's a lot of fun to stroll down. Try it on a Thursday or Friday late afternoon.


Your “insider find” specialty store:Saturdays Surf in Soho is a great spot to kick it and chill after a day on your feet. They have an open terrace in the back during spring-autumn. Order coffee and relax. They have products and clothing to buy. It’s their own label, I believe. It's just a cool spot to check out.


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Name: Kendi Skeen

Current Residence: McKinney, Texas—we moved here four years ago but I'm a native Texan.

Photo Shoot Location: Historic downtown McKinney


Best local bar, café or eatery: Imagine a perfect town square (think Gilmore Girls!) and you've got downtown McKinney. The overall downtown vibe is almost movie set-like, with older buildings mixed with new businesses, like my boutique West & Lou. McKinney is equal parts charming and quaint. We fell in love with this square because of the sweet vibe and moved here four years ago. One of my favorite things about the square is the many coffee shops. I stop in at them weekly. One of my favorite spots to work is At Filtered. They always get my cappuccino just right. My other favorite spot is Emporium Pies where they make the best apple pie you've ever eaten!


Favorite city block: My favorite part of the whole city is the downtown square. I love all the little shops along the streets, the restaurants we frequent all too often and the winery on the corner. It's so nice to stop there at the end of the day and sit on the patio and watch the cars drive by.


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Name: Nichole Ciotti

Current Residence: San Francisco Bay Area

Photo Shoot Location: Maiden Lane in San Francisco


Best local bar, café or eatery: I’m obsessed with The Plant Organic! It’s a healthy, fast-casual cafe with multiple locations in the city. The Plant Organic is my favorite spot for lunch, especially on a Monday if I’ve been a little indulgent over the weekend. I love their curry bowls and swear by the Sweet Greens juice. Everything The Plant serves is 100% organic and local, so I always feel good about eating there.


Favorite city block: Union & Webster is one of my favorite city blocks. Located in Cow Hollow, all of Union Street is charming and includes some of the city’s best cafes, bars, boutiques and art galleries. There’s something to do on every corner. You’re never bored! If you’re a sushi lover like I am, be sure to swing by Umami Restaurant.


Your “insider find” specialty store or market: The Alameda Point Antiques Faire is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the Bay Area! Held on the first Sunday of every month, it’s the largest antiques show in Northern California. Since all of the items are 20 years old or older, it’s the perfect place to find unique vintage pieces for your home. In the past, I’ve scored vintage mugs, spoon rings, and vintage soda bottles. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, bring cash, and lather on the sunscreen!


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