Meet Jackie Welling of Little J Style


Could you imagine Anna Wintour with beach hair on the front row? How about super-bombshell Gisele Bündchen working a frumpy bowl cut? Or free-spirited Julia Roberts in an overstyled, immovable bouffant?


Impossible, right? Fashion-savvy ladies know that killer style ain’t just about the clothes: a striking hair color, glamorous blowout or edgy cut can be the very essence of your look. It’s the one thing you “wear” every single day, after all. When it comes to pulling together an #OOTD, your ’do dictates every move, from color scheme to neckline, even shoe choice.


Of course, it helps to have amazing hair to work with your wardrobe—like blogger Jackie Welling of Little J Style. One glimpse of those gorgeous flame-y waves and you could surmise her personal style: feminine with a streak of devil-may-care attitude. And you’d be so right.


On her blog, Welling might sport a pastel high-necked shift with playfully sexy feather heels one day, the next a hyper-femme peplum top with leather leggings and lace-up booties. The unexpected mix of sweet silhouettes, dramatic prints and that hair keeps readers guessing as to what femme-with-an-edge look she’ll rock that day. Off-duty, Welling relaxes in a neutral-colored sweater and dark denim, letting her brilliant mane act as the sartorial wild card.


We caught up with the Utah-based blogger to talk more about the unexpected must-see sites of Salt Lake City, her jewelry passion and the surprisingly simple beauty tips you need to start practicing now.


When did you start your blog?

I started at the end of 2013 as a way to document my personal style and interact with other girls interested in the same things as me! I needed an outlet to channel my love of putting together outfits, trying out hairstyles and finding the best new beauty products. The name comes from a nickname my best friend gave me years ago. She would call me "Little J,” so Little J Style seemed fitting! It's also kind of ironic because I'm 5'9", not little at all.


How would you describe your personal style?

Classic and feminine, with some trendy elements mixed in when I feel like it. I mostly dress how I feel day to day, so one day I might rock bell bottoms and a boho top, and the next a crisp little black dress. It all depends on what I'm feeling that day!


Who are your style icons?

Definitely Olivia Palermo, and Blair Eadie from the blog Atlantic-Pacific. I pin their best looks constantly and refer to them when I need a little outfit inspiration! Blair is the queen of pattern mixing, so I always try to make my looks more interesting if I can by mixing different prints. Olivia and Blair are both excellent at layering, too!


What are your top five beauty tips?

1. Never go to bed with your makeup on.

2. Take off your mascara EVERY night.

3. Wash your makeup brushes regularly, at least once every four to five days.

4. Drink LOTS of water—you'll see a difference in your skin!

5. DON'T pick at your skin. Let it be and it'll thank you for it.


Spill: Who does your hair color?

My colorist is Aubrey Nelson, based out of Salt Lake City. I get my hair cut by a few different people, but usually by Jocelyn Brown at Amara Salon in Orem. I just love these girls and highly recommend them!


What is the best style advice you’ve ever received?

The “third piece rule” I learned while working at Nordstrom in college. Add a "third piece" to your look, like a jacket, statement necklace, vest, or scarf to instantly look more stylish!


What is your favorite fashion “rule” to break?

No white after Labor Day. Who came up with that? I break it all the time.


You have a jewelry label! Tell us about it.

I started Glimmer Lane last year because I just love jewelry and finding awesome pieces any girl can wear! It's so fun and I love the pieces I sell!


Does living in Utah influence your style choices?

Definitely. The weather here is volatile, from really hot in the summer to cool in the winter. I always have to check the weather each morning to see what we're going to get! There are a lot of college-aged and early 30s people in my area, so the local style tends to have a younger, college-town vibe.


Do you have a favorite local restaurant?

Bombay House in Provo! Indian food is my favorite, I'm positive I could eat it every day. Try the chicken coconut korma and a side of Peshawari naan!


Sounds tasty! And what’s your top site-seeing destination?

In Salt Lake City, there is a temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the church I belong to). It’s huge and looks like a castle! It’s best to see when it’s all lit up, especially during Christmas time—the entire Temple Square area is covered in Christmas lights! Regardless of your religion, it is a beautiful place to visit.


Fast & Furious Fashion Quiz

Neutral or red lip?



Beach or pool?



Red or white?



Body-con or boyfriend?



Skinnies or flares?



Night out or in?



Sweet or savory indulgence food?



Instagram or Snapchat?



Why did you choose the Vince Camuto Parshell Riding Boot?

I chose the Parshell boot because it is so classic for fall and winter! I love the beautiful color and the detail on the back adds interest. I paired them with skinny jeans and this fur vest to transition to cold weather, but I can definitely see myself pairing them with a long-sleeved body-con dress and a big plaid scarf, paired with a floppy hat! There are so many ways to wear a classic riding boot, I could go on and on. The color is also so versatile; it pretty much goes with anything in your closet!