Meet Rebecca Hillyard of Cella Jane


New moms always have lots to carry: baby wipes, spare binkies, sandwich baggies of Cheerios. This is all in addition to, of course, the bouncing baby, nestled in its bulky car seat.


Rebecca Hillyard is no different. However, the new mother and Cella Jane style blogger, living in Kansas City, skips the typical quilted pastel carryall—opting instead for a sleek leather tote or even the season’s drawstring It-bag as her “diaper bag.” They’re still loaded up with the same newborn necessities, but these trendy bags are reflective of Hillyard’s real-world chic.


As a part-time blogger since November 2012, part-time marketing freelancer and full-time mom, Hillyard requires a wardrobe that’s full of flair but fuss-free. Her non-stop schedule doesn’t leave much room to hem and haw in front of the closet, debating whether this peasant blouse matches these boyfriend jeans.


To cut down on her morning prep, Hillyard’s wardrobe consists primarily of one-piece wonders: chambray dresses, breezy rompers and cotton jumpsuits. Platform espadrilles, dangling lariat necklaces and sunglasses with colored mirrored lenses lend a dash of personality to these pull-on-and-go pieces. The result is chic but comfortable outfits that are casual enough that she can play on the nursery floor with her 10-month-old daughter Sutton or step out into the streets of Kansas City for an impromptu Cella Jane shoot.


We caught up with Hillyard to learn more about her blog, how she finds balance between work and parenthood, and what she does in her precious “me” time.


What made you want to start Cella Jane?

It started as a way to document my personal style and share my love of beauty, fashion and fitness. I chose to name my blog after my grandmother, because she always had amazing style. I still have a bunch of her items that I incorporate into my wardrobe.


Does living in Kansas City influence your style choices differently?

I wouldn't say living in Kansas City influences my style as much as it would if I lived in, for instance, California. I will say the shopping is much better here than where I used to live [in Yankton, South Dakota], and I love the fact I get to experience all four seasons, so my wardrobe is always changing!


You have a busy life as a blogger and a mother. What are your best tips for a healthy work/life balance?

I work from home so, in order for me to get any work done, I have a nanny come over a couple days to watch Sutton. Before, I was trying to do it all—take care of my daughter, do my blog, keep the house clean and run my freelance marketing business. I soon came to realize that I needed help during the day. My best advice is: Ask for help! If your neighbor offers to watch the baby for an hour so you can get out for some "you" time, take it! And take a little time out of your day to do something that is important to you, because you deserve it!


What are your top five styling and grooming tips?

1. Always wash and moisturize your face.


2. Don't forget to apply sunscreen daily—not just the face but your neck and hands as well!


3. Drink lots of water.


4. Get a good pair of ripped jeans or cutoffs. They go with everything.


5. Invest a little more in shoes and handbags. A quilted purse will elevate any look, because it’s classic, timeless, and you will have it forever.


What are you reading right now?

What to Expect the First Year by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel. It’s a baby book—that’s all I have time for!


What is on your playlist?

I listen to SiriusXM satellite radio and love the stations BPM, Chill and Alt Nation.


Do you have a favorite summer drink?

Tough call, but I would say a mojito and it has to have fresh mint. I chew on the mint while I sip.


Fast & Furious Fashion Quiz

Bikini or one-piece?



Neutral or red lip?



Body-con or boyfriend?

Boyfriend—boyfriend jeans, boyfriend tees, boyfriend button-ups, boyfriend shorts!


Skinnies or flares?

Skinnies until recently. Flares are hot right now.


Night out or in?

Depends on my mood and the weather, but nights in win most of the time.


Sweet or savory?



Beach or pool?



Sun or shade?

Shade—must protect the skin!


Why did you choose the Vince Camuto Loran Wedge?

Neutral wedges are a must for summer. You can wear them with shorts, skirts, dresses, maxis—literally, everything.