Summer’s White Hot Trend: White Pumps


First things first: This is not a kiss-off of our neutral pumps. We still love those leg-lengthening, fawn beauties.


But, we’re currently obsessed with white pumps—a key summer trend and, when it comes to footwear, a too oft-forgotten neutral.


Like fawn heels and sandals, white pumps offer style flexibility. Complementing every color of the rainbow, white heels solve the sartorial challenge of hard-to-match prints. Unlike taupe heels, however, snow-white heels make your summer ensembles pop. Capping off your cuffed boyfriend jeans or ladylike sundress, the shock of white at your feet is a cool twist on the ever-popular color-blocking look.



Kristyn Kilcullen of Glamour-Zine shares our love of the season’s hot footwear look. “I have been wanting to try the “white out” trend for some time now,” explains Kristyn. The missing piece to her white on white on white look? White shoes! Kristyn’s Norida heels raise her monochrome tee-and-jeans outfit to that coveted “white out” status.


As an added bonus, the pumps pair perfectly with her mint green clutch, a pastel that can be tricky to match color-wise: “I love how well the green pops off the white. It really makes my accessories stand out, which I love! It looks fresh, clean and crisp.”


Alternatively, her white pumps work equally well with a colorful ensemble like Kristyn’s pixelated and perforated dress. While neutral sandals would be too dainty and black heels too heavy, white pumps ground the floral frock just right.


Although it’s easy to mix white heels into your wardrobe, the challenge is keeping them in top-notch condition. To maintain your pumps’ ultra-white hue, mix together equal parts baking soda and warm water to make a creamy paste. Using a clean cloth, scoop a dime-size amount of the mixture. With a circular motion, gently buff away stains from the leather. Wipe off any baking soda residue with a clean, damp cloth. Once clean and dry, store your heels in a dust bag in your closet. Direct sunlight will yellow the leather.


Then again, with the diverse looks you can style around your pristine pumps, they won’t be in storage much this season!