Meet Jessica Camerata of My Style Vita


“Offensive dress.”


It is hard to ever envision Jessica’s of My Style Vita outfits ever being considered “offensive.”


Original? Outstanding? Organized with thought? Yes. But not offensive.


Most workplaces wouldn’t bat an eye at conservative silhouettes cast in trendy colors, prints and textures: a sunny yellow pencil skirt, a polka dot buttoned-up-to-there blouse, straight-legged trousers in a berry mauve. But apparently those flourishes proved too much to the corporate higher ups at Jessica’s workplace. So, after receiving one too many slaps on the wrist for her “offensive dress,” Jessica quit her stuffy job and promptly launched My Style Vita.


Without a watchful and criticizing eye leering over her wardrobe, Jessica flexed her styling muscles and, much to the delight of her readers, has churned out fresh and fun outfits ever since. Colorful strappy heels, burnout peplum tops and floral prints of the watercolor, Liberty and abstract variety abound in Jessica’s wardrobe rotation.


As Jessica’s blog and she herself grew, My Style Vita’s content expanded too. Jessica regularly whips up recipes that are simple to prepare but impressive to present to dining guests. Round ups of Jessica’s favorite perfumes, creams and lipsticks fill up My Style Vita’s beauty column. And, most recently, Jessica documented a real labor of love: the remodeling and redecorating of her condominium in Atlanta, Georgia. Although her construction has wrapped, Jessica continues to post her latest home goods finds in her “Friday Furnishings” series.


We caught up with Jessica and picked her brain about the importance of staying true to yourself, smart ways to decorate your space, and how to make an impression with a single tube of lipstick.


When did you start your blog—and why?

I started my blog to actually build a writing portfolio. I was looking to get out of my corporate job and into journalism and was advised to just start writing! So I did. I started my blog and decided on the name (which I actually can't stand, but it’s a little late for changes now) to encompass all things stylish. Vita means life in Italian (I'm Italian) and My Style Vita was intended to refer to My Style Life.


Who are your style icons?

I think I'm one of the few women who doesn't have a major style icon. Sure, I love Jessica Alba's laid back casual or Taylor Swift's super preppy yet badass looks (that I could NEVER pull off. I mean, those legs!). And I always love the great Rachel Zoe for her boho styles with a modern take.


What are your top styling and grooming tops?

Always have a third piece to complete your look. Learn how to properly roll up your sleeves. Learn to embrace lipstick and find a shade that works for you no matter the occasion. Have a signature scent. Mine’s Dolce & Gabanna Dolce.


What advice can you share with other aspiring bloggers?

Find a niche and a voice and you'll feel confident. Plus stay consistent. Whether it's always posting three times a week or sticking to an editorial calendar, this way you'll gain avid followers who want to keep coming back.


What is your favorite dish to cook?

My mom's baked French toast. It's my go-to for brunches with friends.


Your house is so beautifully decorated. How long have you been working on it?

I'm ALWAYS working on my house. Kind of like my closet full of clothes, always things I want to add, throw away and change. But for the most part it took roughly three months to get the transformation. It used to have beige/yellow walls and lots of green accents. The overhaul was so fun and I'm actually thinking of doing it again soon. The great thing about keeping my major furniture pieces neutral, is that I can easily change that turquoise wall to whatever color I want and make a few small accessory changes and I've got a whole new look.


What are your top three tips for home décor?

1. Invest in great neutral furniture.


2. Add pieces that you personally love even if they don't technically match; because that's what makes your house a home.


3. And lastly, always have fresh flowers. They add such an element of life and freshness to a home.


Aside from your phone, keys and wallet, what is always in your handbag?

Chapstick. I think there's a Chapstick in every possible place I know I'll be in a day: my car, my nightstand, desk, purse, everywhere.


Fast & Furious Fashion Quiz

Bikini or one-piece?

Bikini for the versatility of mixing and matching.


Neutral or red lip?

Red lip for sure, hot pink is even better


Hose or bare legs in winter?

Always bare


Body-con or boyfriend?

Boyfriend. Comfort is important.


Skinnies or flares?

Flares all the way, even though I don't own enough.


Night out or in?

You're talking to the Netflix queen over here, always in. Nothing good happens after midnight in my book.


Sweet or savory indulgence food?



Why did you choose this Vince Camuto Lorin Drawstring Bag?

I've been on the hunt for a bucket bag for a few weeks now. It was my mission to grab one for spring as my new go-to neutral bag. I tend to gravitate towards large, bulky bags that I can barely fill up. So when I stumbled onto this bucket bag at my local Nordstrom, I knew it was meant for me. The size was perfect (holds everything I need) and it goes with everything in my closet with the neutral palette. I love that it's not all one color either. The black and ivory help to tie it into more looks and will easily work as a year-round bag.

Photos by Jnelly Photography