Meet Joo Kim of LoveJooKim


Once upon a time, maternity dressing lacked imagination.


Style-savvy, expecting mothers were limited to wearing shapeless tent dresses, flowy, empire-waist baby-doll tops and leggings with super stretch elastic waistbands.


But today, mommies-to-be have the likes of Blake Lively, Kate Middleton and 22,000+ #BumpStyle Instagram posts to inspire maternity wardrobes, without sacrificing an ounce of chic.


Joo Kim of LoveJooKim is one blogger of this school. From tiny tummy blip to full-term bump, Joo never skimped on her personal style. Just as she did pre-pregnancy, when expecting, Joo wore cropped sweaters layered with long blouses, sequined mini-skirts with cotton tanks and jersey pencil skirts with flatform sandals.


For Joo, the key to marrying her maternity look with her pre-pregnancy wardrobe was flexibility. Joo didn’t relegate this top to maternity wear and that skirt to post-baby garb. As her pregnancy advanced, Joo fearlessly left zippers a little undone—layered beneath a long sweater, so no one was the wiser! She also let her bump spread the pleats of a skirt, pairing it with a silk crop top to create a modern evening ensemble with a completely refreshed, feminine silhouette. And Joo shimmied a long pleated maxi-skirt higher up on her waist and tucked in a backless cotton tee to emphasize her changing figure.


We spoke with Joo just before she gave birth in late March to a healthy, beautiful baby girl, Chloe. Joo shared a little of how—pregnant or not—she lets her style intuition guide her outfit choices.


When did you start your blog?

I originally started my blog in 2008, but was on a very long hiatus and began blogging again consistently in 2013 because I wanted an outlet to document and share my everyday outfits. Through blogging I've had some amazing opportunities and met a lot of new friends.


How would you describe your personal style? Has your style changed with your baby on the way?

Casual chic. I like to mix it up; I think it really depends on my mood. Some days I feel girly and some days I feel like basics. Since becoming pregnant I've been wearing a lot more oversized and flow-y pieces. I try to wear what I'd normally wear if I wasn't pregnant.


Do you have any style tips for mothers-to-be?

Accessorize your basic outfits with statement jewelry, bags and flats. During your pregnancy, take some time to pamper yourself and get manis and pedis, too—little things like that can be confidence boosters!


Which blogs or online magazines do you browse everyday?

I browse Instagram every day and I feel like that's sort of a collection of my favorite blogs and online magazines. My favorite accounts to follow are @seewantshop, @sincerelyjules, @mija_mija, and @kaity_modern.


Who are your style icons?

I love Miroslava Duma and Ashley Olsen.


From where do you draw style inspiration?

It's not a specific person or place; it's everywhere. It could be my mood that day or a color I'm attracted to.


What could you eat for every meal, either a dish you prepare or a favorite from a restaurant?

I can't think of what I could eat for every meal, but one of my favorite dishes is pad-see-ew (Thai)!


Fast & Furious Fashion Quiz

Bikini or one-piece?



Neutral or red lip?



Mini or maxi?



Skinnies or flares?



Cooking at home or dining out?

Dining out


Handbags or shoes?



Sweet or savory indulgence food?



Why did you choose the Vince Camuto Vamelia Heel?

I chose a bootie because it's an easy, versatile heel. It goes with everything from leggings to shorts, to skirts or your favorite pair of jeans. There's something chic about a sexy peep-toe!