Lost Trench Coat Belt? Now What?


Did it slip out of its loops while you were riding the train home? Get tangled in the house-warming party coat pile? Or maybe your trench coat belt simply got sucked into the black hole that is your closet.


Whenever and however it happened, your belt is lost. AWOL. Gone.


Before you hide your trench coat in the back of the closet or move it along to Goodwill, pause. The sartorial mishap is actually a style opportunity. Because you can sub your trench’s original belt with a leather version—and instantly up your style cred. This easy change transforms your look into a truly personal style statement.


For style-cinching inspiration, we asked three members of the Camuto Group communications department to customize their springtime trench with a swapped belt. Scroll through their street-style worthy looks below and maybe you’ll decide to lose that belt on purpose…


A Tidy Way to Tie - Jennifer Williams, Senior PR Manager


A trench coat’s matching belt, knotted at the waist, is an obvious style choice. To mix it up, Jennifer instead chooses a flash of silvery leather. This surprise element completes Jennifer’s nautical look and adds a dose of polish.


Pro Tip: Turn your favorite hip-hugging belt into a waist-defining cinch by asking your cobbler to punch extra belt holes.





Bohemia-worthy Belts – Kristina Bonés, PR Coordinator


The 70s trend is back in vogue for spring and will carry on into the fall season. Get ahead of the style curve: tap into the boho vibe with a wide 3-inch belt—an iconic accessory of the laid-back 70s. This broad belt adds structure and shape to Kristina’s bohemian look, a chambray tunic with billowy, drawstring pajama pants.


Pro Tip: Wide belts are universally flattering because they accentuate your waist, giving your frame nice curves.





Downtown Chic Cincture – Erika Fox, Social Media Manager


The trench coat is an timeless wardrobe workhorse: the double-breasted khaki jacket has changed little since 1945 when it was first introduced to mass markets. To update the traditional style, spice up your look with an of-the-moment accessory like a perforated leather belt. Erika’s trendy, geometric cut-out belt adds edge and modern allure to her classic coat.


Pro Tip: Our current favorite springtime look? Wrap your belt atop your scarf. It draws the eye vertically to visually lengthen your silhouette.


Photography by Andrew Katzowitz.