Meet Caroline Curran of Perfect 10 SF


The more things change, the more they stay the same.


When we first connected with Caroline Curran, she had just launched her blog Perfect 10 SF. Caroline was a newlywed with a deep love of heels (in a size ten, of course), an affinity for bauble jewelry, and a fierce loyalty for her hometown San Francisco.


One whirlwind year later, Caroline’s “little blog” is now a must-read for San Franciscans who love Caroline’s style: Pacific Heights prep meets Castro pop. She is also happily married and expecting her first child. Perfect 10 SF now features street style, Bay Area points of interest and weekly updates of Caroline’s pregnancy in which she shares honest anecdotes about her pregnancy symptoms including an olive oil massage induced gagging incident.


The one thing that hasn’t changed? Caroline’s personal style and unwavering love of high heels. Even with a baby on the way, Caroline still wears her signature printed heels and jazzy separates: a chartreuse overcoat, ropes of costume pearl jewelry, and button ups with polka dots of any and every variety.

We met up with the mother-to-be to discuss her maternity style, eating ice cream as a meal and—whether you’re with child or just learning to strut in stilettos—her best tip for walking in heels.


When did you start your blog?

I started my blog in April of 2014 to chronicle my search for the perfect size 10 shoe! Since launching, I have branched out and blog about fashion, psychology, travel, and as of recently, my new pregnancy!


How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is timeless, chic and a tad over the top. I love statement coats and playful jewelry.


Has your style had to change with your first baby on the way?

My style hasn't changed since I've gotten pregnant. I still love wearing black pants with a crisp white collared shirt with some fun heels. Maybe my style will change when I am a mom chasing after a baby!


Do you have any style tips for mothers-to-be?

Stay true to your style and don't be so hard on yourself. You look better than you think because of the pregnancy glow!


What is your best tip for walking in heels?

My older sister taught me this at an early age when we would play dress-up: take smaller steps! That advice has stuck with me. I'm 5'9" and in flats or sneakers I can walk fast with a large stride. In heels, I always make sure to take smaller steps. You'll also look more graceful!


Which blogs or online magazines do you browse everyday?

I love reading Racked, especially the San Francisco edition. I also love checking the San Francisco Chronicle. As for blogs, I am loving travel blogs, because I won't be able to do that for a while; so it's fun to live through others. I also like seeing what Jenn Im is up to. I always watch the videos on Glam.Com.


What is your favorite restaurant in San Francisco?

That is a tough one! I love Beretta for Italian, The Boxing Room for some comfort food of pizza and meatballs and Rhea's Deli for a quick, delicious Dolores Park sandwich.


It's not technically a restaurant, but I make a meal out of my two-scoops of ice cream from Mitchell's Ice Cream: one scoop of Peanut Butter Indulgence and one scoop of Mint Grasshopper on a regular cone.


Fast & Furious Fashion Quiz

Bikini or one-piece?

Bikini! I went to college in San Diego and it was practically our uniform.


Neutral or red lip?

RED LIP all the way. I love The Balm Cosmetics and MAC Red.


Hose or bare legs in winter?

Tights all year. It gets windy in SF year ‘round!


Mini or maxi?

Mini. I've NEVER worn a maxi! Isn't that funny.


Skinnies or flares?

My 7th grade self would emphatically say, "FLARES!" while my current self cringes and says, "Skinnies!"


Cooking at home or dining out?

Cooking at home happens a few times a year, so I'd have to go with dining out.


Sweet or savory indulgence food?

My entire life I’ve had a sweet tooth. Since getting pregnant, all I want is salty and savory! Soy sauce has been my number one craving!


Why did you choose the Vince Camuto Quilted Jacket?

I have always loved Vince Camuto for polished pieces. I love this quilted jacket because it's comfortable and most importantly, warm. I also love that it's so easy to travel with. You can pull it out of a suitcase and it's ready to go and looks extremely polished. I'll pair it with my black skinny pants and Vince Camuto Chantal ankle booties for nights out. I also think it's perfect for going out at night to a concert or Giants baseball game. I can't wait to try and style it over a skirt or dress.