Meet Ally Noriega of Allyson in Wonderland


To Ally Noriega’s dismay, stretchy yoga pants and hoodies are now the new norm for travel.


But Ally adores the 1960s, the heyday of stylish plane travel. She refuses to submit to the notion that comfort and style are mutually exclusive when traveling.


Ally’s blog Allyson in Wonderland catalogs her international travels and personal style—a vintage glam sensibility borrowed from the likes of posh and polished Miroslava Duma and classic beauty Catherine Deneuve.


Whether on a Las Vegas weekend or a Machu Picchu adventure, Ally shares her favorite local dishes, pens honest hotel reviews, and lists the cannot-miss sights. At each destination, she shares her sartorial secrets, showing and telling follows what she wore and how she put the look together.


Smart wardrobe planning guarantees Ally looks polished from take-off to hotel checkout. Ally’s carries a polished tote that takes her straight to dinner upon landing. Tucked inside are in-flight reads, snacks, and a pair of flats for racing to her connecting flights.


When we caught up with Ally, she was about to leave on a family vacation. But before she hopped her flight to Hawaii, the Oklahoma-based blogger took the time to share her favorite packing tips and key carry-on essentials—and to give us the backstory on her blog and personal style.


When did you start your blog? 

I started way back in 2009 as a passion project with content that was more goofy and artsy. The name was my nickname growing up and I've always liked the story of Alice in Wonderland.  In the last couple years I've focus not just on fashion but travel since it's another passion of mine. I've often thought of changing the name but I feel like 'Wonderland' can encompass many different topics like travel and food.  Plus, I just like the name!


What influences your style?  

Music and vintage movies. I love anything from the 60s, especially the fashion. I'm also really nostalgic for 80s music and movies right now, which is funny because I was just a kid [in the 80s].


Who are your style icons? 

Catherine Deneuve's YSL wardrobe in Belle du Jour. Miroslava Duma always looks polished yet on trend. I love how Daphne Guinness honors haute couture and is trying to save the industry. I am forever jealous of Dita von Teese's vintage Dior suits and beautiful underthings.  My style is partly influenced by all of them.


What is the best style advice you’ve ever received?  

My mother never leaves the house without a full face of makeup and her hair perfectly done.  Sadly, with my generation we're so much more casual. I would say the best advice she taught me is to never leave home without looking your best.


What are you reading right now?  

Like a lot of bloggers I'm currently reading #GirlBoss.  Sophia Amoruso is such an inspiration!


What is on your playlist?

My Morning Jacket, Lana Del Rey, the Chef soundtrack, and Miles Davis.


What are your top three tips for smart packing?

Stick to a color theme.  To make it easy, I generally plan all my outfits around black or nude accessories.  That way everything works together and I have less to pack. Rolling clothing makes them wrinkle less and take up less space.  Also I always pack my travel steamer – it’s an absolute must have for any frequent traveler.


What do you always pack in your carry-on?

A different shirt, an over-sized scarf, magazines, antibacterial spray, a KIND bar, and a notebook.


What is your dream vacation spot? 

I've always wanted to go to Mykonos and the Amangiri Resort near Lake Powell looks like the perfect place to take a yoga retreat.


What is your favorite winter warm-up beverage?  

Peppermint tea or coffee with Baileys


Fast & Furious Fashion Quiz

Bikini or one-piece?  



Neutral or red lip?  



Hose or bare legs in winter?  

Bare and freezing!


Body-con or boyfriend?  



Skinnies or flares?   

I would have to say both.


Wine or cocktail?  

Is it wine o'clock, yet?


Night out or in?   



Sweet or savory indulgence food?

Dessert.  Any kind and all the time.


Why did you choose this Vince Camuto Shawl Collar Sweater Coat?

This shawl collar sweater just looked so cozy I couldn't resist!  I love the style of chunky knits in the winter and with this sweater I knew I could wear it several different ways.  It can be styled completely casual or paired with a silky tank underneath and a jeweled necklace for a dressed up look.  It's one of those pieces you can just throw on and go.