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In My Shoes

New Yorker John Sutherland takes us on a 24-hour tour of his Big Apple must-sees. Follow his itinerary for an unforgettable day in Manhattan’s East Village and Lower East Side.

Morning Joe. New Yorkers are notorious for coffee spot loyalty and many heated debates have stemmed from their fierce defense on who reigns supreme in the java scene. In turn, John’s coffee contender is the East Village’s Ninth Street Espresso. Of course, what New York breakfast experience would be complete without a bagel and schmear? John recommends you grab your morning roast to go and head up to Tompkins Square Bagel. Forgo the plain or whole wheat and indulge in a fresh from the oven French Toast Bagel.

Day-Tripper. Get your post-breakfast workout in and, “Jump on a CITI Bike and head downtown to SoHo.” After you park your bike, John’s insider tip for navigating the packed streets, “Stroll down Greene Street to avoid the crowds on Broadway.” Soho is flanked with prime shopping spots ranging from your favorite big-name brands to personal New York mementos sold by street vendors.

Supper Time. “After bopping around Soho, head back to the East Village for an early dinner at Supper.” Supper’s menu is a mouth-watering array of savory traditional northern Italian dishes but John urges the must-try is the Burrata cheese, flown in fresh from Italy every week. “Pair that with a bottle of Montepulciano and I promise you that Heaven will be seen!”

Happy Hour. As the evening settles in, “Skip over to ELSA for cocktails.” Pristine and refined, this speakeasy is warmly lit with Edison-bulbs, making it an ideal spot for an after-dinner drink. When you’re ready to take the night up a notch and have digested your rich Supper dinner, “Stroll into Nurse Bettie on the Lower East Side and watch [bartender] Danielle Tyler fix up some cocktails, rock & roll style!” This self-proclaimed “classy dive” is decorated with 1950s pin-up girl prints and boasts an impressive mixed-drinks menu.

Call It a Day. To close out the night, amble over to Lovers of Today. This elusive hot-spot doesn't open its doors until 9PM and takes an in-the-know guide like John to get you to (let alone, in) the front door. But, once you cross the threshold, this ramshackle meets luxury scene is the perfect backdrop for the smart East Village set, sipping on cocktails of house-made liqueurs.

John Sutherland is the sales manager for The Nomad Hotel in New York where he currently lives. He is wearing the Vince Camuto Men's denim button up, available in November.