Beauty Advice: 5 Secrets to Help Look Your Best


Why do bloggers always look so good? Like all the time? It’s almost annoying, right?


Well, their chic outfits are only half of the looking-good equation. Bloggers are fastidiously dedicated to their beauty routine and their dedication pays off in the form of healthy hair and clear skin.


Obviously, we all want in on their beauty secrets. So we recruited five bloggers to spill on the morning regimens and products that keep them looking fresh-faced and camera-ready.


1. Greet the Sun with SPF If shielding yourself from harmful UV rays isn’t enough incentive to get you religiously slathering on the sunscreen, consider how it impacts on your face: Sun damage accelerates skin aging, leading to premature wrinkles and a blotchy, uneven skin tone. Becky Hillyard of Cella Janedutifully rubs sunscreen in every morning. “Apply it not just on your face but on your neck and hands too!” she advises. Guilty of skimping on the SPF in the past? From now, start wearing sunscreen every morning to slow down the aging of skin. It’s not too late to start reversing the effects.



2. Start Your Anti-Aging Regime Now Like funding your retirement, investing in your beauty routine now reaps big benefits down the line. Get a head start on preventing fine lines by using anti-aging creams and oils to restore radiance and elasticity. Megan Elliott of Lush to Blush sweeps bareMinerals Mineralixirs 5-Oil Blend over her skin. “I use it every night and in the morning my skin is luminous and glowing. This is by far the best moisturizing treatment I have ever used.” Take these measures now and you’ll always look your age, if not better.



3. Brush Your Face Even if you dutifully wash off your makeup before bed, you should consider investing in a face brush, which gently exfoliates your pores to leave behind a more even skin tone. Meghan Donovan of Wit & Whimsy switches on her Clarisonic face brush to buff away impurities. “The sonic cleansing brush cleans your your skin that gently—and I mean gently; it’s so soft and smooth!—and effectively loosens dirt and oil to cleanse your pores,” she says. After a once-over with the oscillating brush, your skin will more easily absorb moisturizers, making your entire skin-care regime more effective.



4. Treat Your Tresses with a Hair Mask When hot tools and humidity have zapped your hair of moisture, revitalize dry and brittle tresses with Cheralee Lyle’s secret weapon. “I do a monthly coconut oil mask that leaves my hair smooth and silky,” says the Ascot Road blogger. The fatty acids in coconut oil condition your hair while natural antioxidants restore its luster.



5. Take a Break from Daily Shampooing Most people squirm at the idea of going more than 48 hours without shampooing and conditioning. But if you can tough it out, your hair will be healthier and glossier for it. Most shampoos are loaded with chemicals that strip your hair of its natural and necessary oils, so skipping a day here and there will restore your tresses. Christina DeFilippo of Oh So Glam attests, “I try to wait a few days between washes. And when my hair falls flat, dry shampoo powder is honestly my BFF.”



Now tell us: What’s your beauty secret? Share it below!