5 Easy Solutions for Your Winter Beauty Woes


Winter takes a toll on your body and beauty routine.


Whipping winds and frigid temperatures leave your hair brittle, skin dry, and lips chapped. No wonder the post-holiday season brings out the blahs.


While warmer weather is still a few weeks away, a refreshing beauty regimen doesn’t need to wait ’til spring. Revive and renew your skin, hair and spirits now—with these five tips:



5 Easy Solutions for Your Winter Beauty Woes


1.) Moisten hair—by drying it. Sounds like a contradiction, right? Fact is, scurrying between an overheated apartment and arctic outdoor air zaps your mane of moisture—especially when your tresses are damp. To lock in moisture, blow-dry your hair thoroughly before leaving the house. Since ordinary bristles can overheat and make hair brittle, use a ceramic or ionic hairbrush. Or if hair is fine, try a wooden-handled boar-bristle brush. Addicted to flat irons or curling irons? Preserve hair with a heat-protectant spray before styling.



2.) Moisturize your skin like a Roman. A steamy shower may warm your bones, but it robs your body of the natural oils that keep your skin soft. For silky skin, do as the ancient Greeks and Romans did: after bathing or showering, revitalize dry skin by swiping it with a thin layer of olive or grape seed oil. Natural oil applied over slightly damp skin seals in moisture far more effectively than most modern-day body lotions.



3.) Winterize your lips. Cold, dry air cracks and chaps lips. For a quick fix, exfoliate flaky lips by rubbing them softly with a clean toothbrush, then slick on lip balm formulated with natural beeswax or lanolin. Tuck a stick of lip balm into your purse before leaving your home and remind yourself to reapply it several times throughout the day. If dry, chapped lips persist, try dabbing them with honey and let this natural humectant soak in for 15 minutes. Wipe lips clean with a cotton swab dipped in hot water.



4.) Soothe blotchy, wind-burned cheeks. While a brisk walk or day on the slopes do wonders for your mind and body, outdoor exposure can leave cheeks sore and mottled. In cold-weather months, protect your skin from winter sun’s harsh, reflective light by swapping your usual face cream for a richer formula with higher SPF. For immediate relief after exposure, apply a thin layer of 1% hydrocortisone cream to chapped skin.



5.) Rehydrate your T-zone. Winter hats and knit beanies can chap and dry the skin on your forehead. The solution may be a switch in soap or face wash: Most face cleansers contain a detergent that strips skin, leaving it extra sensitive to the cold. Instead, try a richer cream-based formula, like Estée Lauder’s Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Crème Cleanser.



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