Vince Camuto

Office Space

Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Here are the Thanksgiving foods that we’ll be asking for seconds of.

“I loooove stuffing with gravy. My sisters and I always make multiple kinds and then judge whose recipe is best. It can get pretty competitive.” – Maureen O’Donnell, Graphic Designer

“Mashed Potatoes with egg noodles on top.  It is an Amish dish that we eat in the area I’m from in Ohio.” – Anne Keffer, Producer

“Pie in any form.” – Amanda Miller, Copy Manager

“Starbucks’ skinny vanilla latte at the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade!” – Suzanne Servelli, Art Director

“Stuffing! We usually have Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house and she make two different types of amazing stuffing: one traditional and one new recipe.” – Megan Corrigan, Marketing Manager

“Sweet potato casserole topped with marshmallows and sprinkled with brown sugar is the by far the most delectable dish passed around my family’s Thanksgiving table.” – Ashley Grable, Showroom Manager

“The entire meal.  My favorite food plate of the year.” – Diana Takach, Vice President, eCommerce

“Mashed potatoes– real potatoes not mashed sweet potatoes which I feel strongly should be banned from the Thanksgiving table.” – Jennifer Williams, Senior PR Manager

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